Monday, October 8, 2012


~October Is~

National Cookie Month
Breast Cancer, Domestic Violence, Lupus and Diabetes Awareness month
Pizza, Vegetarian and Popcorn Popping month

Special Days include~

Oct. 9: My wedding anniversary. 

Oct. 14: Dictionary Day/Noah Webster's Birthday
The objective of this day is to remind us of the importance of vocabulary. Learn a new word today! Webster began writing the dictionary at age 43. It took him 27 years to finish it. Whew!

Oct. 18: National No Beard Day
Contemplating a smooth, baby-face? Shave it off today!

Oct. 21: National Pumpkin Cheesecake Day
Share your favorite recipe!

Oct. 25: World Pasta Day
Cook up your favorite pasta dish and enjoy.

Oct. 29: National Hermit Day:
Like seclusion? Peace and quiet? Celebrate your life today!

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