Monday, December 29, 2008

Avoiding Colds and Flu: My Secret

Since October, I've felt that "coming down with something" sensation at least 3 times. You know it...scratchy, itchy, sore throat. Head and body aches, chills. Each time, I've followed my own personal protocol and awoke the next morning feeling perfectly fine! My loving husband, who didn't follow my suggestions, came down with a horrible, lingering cold and unshakable cough. Ick. My secret? Juicing fresh veggies and taking a few supplements. It worked for me every time! Here's my collection of organic juicables:

A peeled beet, 3 celery stalks, a whole lemon, an apple, 4 handfuls of baby carrots, a hunk of ginger, a handful or 2 of kale, spinach and parsley.

I like to fill the chute with greens first, then turn on the juicer. Otherwise, the leaves fly all over the place. Continue in any order but be sure to end with the beets, turning the juicer off before adding them to the chute. Trust me, you don't want fresh beet juice all over your kitchen! Yum, look at those colors~ I also take a few supplements. Garlic oil (NOT deodorized! It's useless, IMO.) L-Lysine and Biovlavonoids. While sipping the fresh juice, I also sip a cup of hot herbal tea. My favorite cold fighter is Traditional Medicinal's Gypsy Cold Care. Here's to good health!


  1. what kind of juicer do you have?I may have to investigate this....

  2. It's the $99.00 Breville. It's just like the Jack Lalaine juicer. I've had it (and used it) for quite a few years now. The chute diameter is quite large. Clean up isn't bad, just a few pieces to rinse off. The pulp is totally dry, so I know it works well. HTH!