Friday, September 6, 2013

~Late Summer~

I so enjoy running around the garden, camera in hand...

 ...You never know what you might stumble upon...

 ...Look at this gorgeous specimen. Isn't she spectacular? Just look at those long legs!

Cosmos are ultra cheery...always the tallest in the garden

Oftentimes, you'll find a little Sprout sunbathing herself...

The bumbles LOVE the Obedient Plants...their bodies positively bulging with pollen!

 The raspberry bushes are exploding with late summer fruit. Big, juicy berries just waiting to be plucked and eaten...

...Yum! I'll enjoy them atop plain yogurt, drizzled with local wildflower honey.
What's growing in YOUR garden today?


  1. Kelli,
    Beautiful, beautiful pictures. Your garden must be amazing. I especially like the picture of your "Little Sprout".

  2. Thank you! Sprout loves sunbathing. :)