Tuesday, August 20, 2013

~In the Garden~


I ran around chasing a Tiger Swallowtail this afternoon.
It was flittering and swooping throughout the garden.
Usually, they sit and drink butterfly bush nectar with barely a move.
This one had a damaged wing and didn't want to sit still. Perhaps it was on high alert!
Makes me wonder...how did it happen? Was it a bird looking for a tasty meal? Or was it merely a gust of wind?
Such a fragile creature. It's surprising they manage as well as they do.
  My husband discovered that we share our yard with a pair of garter snakes!
We haven't seen snakes around here since we were children. Very exciting!
This handsome fellow was enjoying a bit of morning sunshine.
And eating insects...natural bug control for our garden!

 What's new in your garden today?
UPDATE 8/27:
Oh no! Look what I found today~
I'm certain it's the same one. Poor thing...

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