Sunday, January 18, 2009

Zutter Bind-It-All...(and dieting)

I love the Zutter Bind-It-All!!
With it, you can make your own custom journals and books EASILY. I'll show you how....

First off, let me say that I'm going back on a modified version of the old Weight Watchers program. (Not the points system.) Back in '99, I lost nearly 75 pounds on this program within 15 months. Kept it off for a long time. The past few years have been difficult ones and unfortunately, I've gained back 2/3 of it. Haven't been exercising like I should. Or making the best food choices. Or watching my portion sizes.
Writing everything down...keeping track of food and water, logging exercise and helped tremendously. As much as I'm NOT looking forward to that aspect of it, it must be done.
So, I decided to make a diet journal using the Zutter. Here's how I did it in a matter of minutes:

Ok, decide on a size for your book. Mine is 6" x 6". Print out your plan on paper, as many as you need. This journal is for 2 months, so I printed out 30 sheets. (2 journal pages fit on 1 sheet of regular computer paper.) Cut to size.

Place a stack of pages into the Zutter and press down the lever. This creates holes in each sheet. Continue with remaining sheets. Your stack will look like this:

I covered two 6" x 6" chipboard squares with a cute Amy Butler paper, then with the Zutter, punched holes in each.

Stack the covers and pages. There are nine punched holes, so I snipped a length of binding ring to size...nine loops. Slip the binding into the holes. It's really easy!

Place the journal into the zutter, pull the lever and squish the rings together.

Now you have a great little book, just the way you want!

Here are a few dog treat recipe books I'm working on for my Etsy shop. They're so cute...wait until you see them completed!

I bought my Bind-It-All slightly used. It was still new and in the box but the price was about $25.00 cheaper. They aren't terribly expensive at all. If you want to check them out, this website has instructions, project inspirations and zutter products: Note: I have no affiliation with this company, I simply like the product.


  1. What a neat little gadget...I always wondered exactly how that worked. Didn't realize they could be so compact, I always pictured something more bulky & cumbersome.

  2. It is quite small. I love having the option of creating any type of book. You can punch through all sorts of things...I've seen cds, vinyl records and license plates made into books!